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I Started A Project Of Building A Lodge And Suddenly Fell Sick Every Time I Tried To Finished The Project

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My name is Kamau,back in 2007 I had plans of buildings lodge in masaai mara. It was my long time plan.

I had decided to start the construction in 2008 if everything went as I had planned. Everything was great and I finally got the capital to start the construction,pay the workers and buy construction materials needed in the project.

However merely after 3 weeks in launching the construction, I became sick. I was forced to stay at home to recover. Any hospital I went to said there was absolutely nothing. I wasn’t diagnosed with any sickness in my body. Everything the doctors said purported with how I was feeling because I was in pain.

All my friends who came to visit said that maybe I was stressed about my project but that wasn’t the
issue. One day as I was having a rest in my house,a friend of mine called to check on me. I told him how the doctors had said though my body was still in pain. He advised me to go visit Dr Mugwenu. He assured me that he was a good doctor who would help me with my problem.

He sent Dr Mugwenus contact information and I decided to try him to see if he would help.
The following morning I went to see him after booking an appointment. Dr Mugwenu said that my
enemies were never happy with my progress and they were trying as much as possible to stop me from prospering.

He prepared a few special mixes and instructed me to take it for 3 days and I was also to
take a sample of the special mixture and pour it where my construction was taking place.
I went back home and did as I was instructed,a week later I was back to my feet. I was completely
healed with Dr Mugwenu drugs. I have so far completed the project and it on a perfect condition.

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