My Stepfather Doesn’t Want Me To Wear This Dress Anymore

My name is Jessica Promise from East London. Yesterday I decided to go to church so that I can start the year on a good note. Everything went well in church, but I was really surprised when I came home to find my stepfather waiting for me in the sitting room.

I started to panic because normally when your parents waits for you in the sitting room in signals bad news. My stepfather sit down with me and told me nicely that I should stop wearing my dress in the house and also when I’m going to church.

He told me that my dress is beautiful but it’s too revealing, that’s why I should stop wearing it. I really don’t understand why my stepfather want me to stop wearing it because it is very beautiful and my mother said that it suits me well. I just wonder if it was my mother wearing the same dress he was going to tell her that.


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