My Stepfather Impregnated Me And I’m Going To Keep My Child To Spite My Mother.

Bonny Mabunda said that her stepfather impregnated her and she won’t abort the child because she wants to spite her mother. She said that she knows it’s not a good thing but she has to do it because her mother always chose him over them.

“My mother neglected us when we were young and we ended up staying with our auny so when we grew up she took us back. She then started abusing us again and we always ran from home to escape from her. My sisters got married and now they have their own houses but as the last born i’m not married because I’m still young. She was supposed to move away from our home and stay with our stepfather there but she didn’t. My father passed away after he was killed by my mother’s Nyatsi and we tried to forgive her for that but it just doesn’t leave our memories.

I asked her to leave and stay elsewhere because she shouldn’t let another man stay in my father’s house and she slapped me. She even threatened to chase me away but i refused because she can’t chase me away from my father’s house to protect another man. I was angry and i seduced my Stepfather and as a man she fell for my tricks. We started poking and i fell pregnant.

I was going to abort the child but i decided to keep it to spite my cruel mom. I won’t tell her now but my stepfather gave me money and i used it to buy an RDP house for myself and after giving birth I’m going to stay there with my sisters so that they can take care of me and so that my mother wouldn’t be able to harm me or the child” she said.


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