My Stepfather Want Me To Be My Mom’s Replacement

My name is Anabel and I’m from Cape Town. My late mother was married to my stepfather few years and since then, my stepfather hasn’t married again. Last night he invited me to his room and told me why he hasn’t found another wife. To my surprise, he want me to be my mom’s replacement.

I’m 28-year-old and I’m not ready to be someone’s wife. My two years down line I’ll be ready, but for now I still want to enjoy life. What my stepfather is asking is too much. If it was someone asking to be his wife it was going to be okay, but not my stepfather.

The thought of having to settle down and be a wife to my stepfather is a taboo. I know he isn’t my biological father, but what he is doing isn’t acceptable. I thought he takes me as his daughter not to see me as a wife.

Should I accept my stepfather’s proposal or move out of the house?


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