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Still Eating Raw Garlic? See What It Does To Your Body

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What happens to your body when you eat raw Garlic…….

Eat Raw Garlic in an Empty Stomach and get these incredible benefits.

Garlic has been considered as one of the super herbs with huge potential properties. Though there of differences of opinion on when and how to intake garlic, maximum studies show that garlic works best in raw condition and an empty stomach. It works as a natural antibiotic when takes in before breakfast. Fresh garlic holds the maximum beneficial compounds like allicin, which is unavailable from cooked garlic.

  1. Natural Antibiotics:

Garlic works as a natural anti bacterial agent when it is fresh and raw. In the raw state, it contains allicin that kill the viruses and bacteria. So easting a clove of raw garlic just before our breakfast enables it to kill inflectional germs in the stomach. Not only that it helps our body to get rid of harmful; toxin as it works as a strong antioxidant.

  1. Highly Nutritious with Low-Calorie Content:
    A small garlic clove is a huge storehouse of nutrients. It is an abundant source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Apart from this it contains minerals like copper, selenium, sulphur compounds. All the health benefits that we obtain from this alliums herb are due to the presences of sulphur compounds.

  2. Improve Heart Health:
    Garlic supports us to maintain steady cardiovascular health. Various researches have proclaimed that antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in Garlic reduce the risk of unwanted inflammation within blood arteries, as inflammation can damage the inner wall of blood vessels. So if we consume one clove of raw garlic in an empty stomach before breakfast, we can live on the safe zone and avoid the risk of forming plaque and even restrict the clogging inside the blood vessels.

  3. Boost Up Immunity:

During season changes we all are prone to common cold and flu which make us physically weak. Consuming a raw garlic clove in the morning can help us to combat this situation as garlic boost up the immunity power as it is capable of fighting viruses and bacteria. So it is recommended to include raw garlic in your diet plan to boost up the immunity power so that the killer cells inside our system can damage all invaders.

  1. Control Blood Pressure:
    Garlic has a wide range of usefulness that helps us to stay fit and healthy. One of which is to control the blood pressure level. Allicin, which is the vital ingredient in garlic, helps to regulate blood pressure level. A research result reveals that a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure has been noticed in those who take allicin enriched food, such as garlic, daily. A fresh clove of raw garlic contains almost 5mg to 9mg of allicin.

  2. Helps in Insulin Management:
    Yes! A small clove of garlic daily could be helpful for those who are tired of taking medicines to control insulin level. Garlic has a compound which is called Allyl Propyl disulphides along with S-allyl cysteine sulfoxide and allicin that improves insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes patients.

  3. Garlic Improves Intestinal Function:
    Indigestion is a common issue for all of us, and it increases as we grow old. The inclusion of fresh, raw garlic clove at the beginning of the day can be helpful to sort out a permanent solution to this problem. Nature has bestowed anti-inflammation properties in this herb, which can improve the irregular function of our intestine. So whether we are suffering from diarrhoea, colitis, chronic dysentery, Garlic has the power to cure the problem by eliminating the harmful bacteria. Moreover, garlic influences the secretion of various gastric juices appropriately and reduces the inflammation in the digestive canals.

  4. Get Glowing Skin with Garlic:
    The most sensitive part of our body is skin. Even a small pimple is enough to, make us stressful. So prevention is the best way, so starting our day with a piece of garlic can be helpful. Daily intake of garlic can make our skin glowing. Their antioxidant property helps to combat the free radicals and thus delay ageing and wrinkle.

  5. Garlic Eliminate Toxin and Other Impurities:
    To use garlic to reduce metallic toxin from the body is an age-old method. The vitamin C in the garlic improves liver function. It also helps to increase the good cholesterol or HDL in our blood. Taking garlic in an empty stomach may influence the secretion of bile and stimulate the clean liver impurity properly.


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