I Still Have A Hope That One Day I Will Meet My Soul Mate – Lady Cries (Opinion)

I don’t understand why people thinks like all of us we are not serious when we say we need a real man to take care of the family.

Many people do jokes about that and it affects us because some we are truly deeply serious looking for a man who will give us family.

Time has passed now and we are no longer young we are growing and being alone is never been good at all, when we were young everything was fun because we were playing but now our friends get married and we are still playing.

I truly wish to find a real man who can see a future in me and make me his pride, a real man who will give me children and not run away from them.

I know people think like a women who works don’t have respect, but i don’t think i can disrespect a respected man unless he does not respect himself.

Many girls out there makes jokes about looking for a real man because they haven’t resch the stage of looking for a real family.

But time will come and they will regret of what they are doing. I tried to write article about looking for a real man and no one takes me serious.

But here i am today writing another one about looking for a real man, my age is no longer in match of games anymore.

But i believe God will give me real one when is my time, because now all i know i will just get many messages and others are for play.


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