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” Still Nobody’s Ex ” Mercy Aigbe Declared In New Instagram Post

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Mercy Aigbe is a hot actress that is fond of stunning her fans on Instagram, the beautiful actress shared a lovely image of herself on her Instagram page, as she shared a mirror photo with the tag ” Still Nobody’s Ex ” the beautiful mother of two who is separated from her husband revealed to her online fans, as she probably might want to buttress the point that her divorce papers is yet to be signed.

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The actress whose marriage to Olanrewaju Gentry crashed a long time ago has been beckoning on her husband to sign the divorce papers which reports stated has not yet been finalized, but her statement doesn’t mean she might be getting back to being with the father of her children who is rumored to be involved with another woman, but whatever it is she is not allowing it get to her as she has been able to focus on her career and building something out of it which many people will want for themselves, married or not Mercy has packaged herself to be a force to be reckoned with, and she isn’t going to allow anything negative vibes get to her as she has been skating to a great deal.

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Many times when a relationship ends people are quick to label the partner as an ex, Mercy is showing via her post that she is nobody’s former, she represents the present and would not be laid back to be associated to the world former which has become some sort of title for a failed relationship, she is a forward person and that her marriage has ended doesn’t necessarily make her a person’s former as she likes her current which is a good place she might want to be addressed with.

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