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Stipends For Undergraduates: Conditions Students Have To Meet To Participate In This Scheme


As deliberate efforts are being made on daily basis regarding the educational system in Nigeria, many mouth- watery promises are being made to educationists to encourage them in their efforts of producing better individuals in society.

Meanwhile, the report had it that the Federal Government of Nigeria has promised to pay stipulated stipends to undergraduates who are studying educational courses in the tertiary institutions.

However, according to the report by Sahara Reporters, Minister of Education, Mr. Adamu Adamu has announced recently, that undergraduate students of B. Ed / B. A. Ed/ BSc. Ed in Public institutions across the country, will start to receive stipends of N75, 000. 00 per semester.


On the other hand, students who study Education under Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) will also receive their stipends, which will be N50, 000 per semester.

Meanwhile, this was made know when Mr. Adamu was giving a speech during the annual celebration of World Teachers’ Day at Eagle Square, Abuja.


The teacher’ s day celebration is a day, specifically mapped out to celebrate and encourage teachers for their efforts and impacts on the human race.

Hence, acknowledging teachers’ efforts through this scheme employed by the Federal Government is quite applaudable.

With this, undergraduates who are aiming to be teachers after graduation will be encouraged and also regard their course of study as worthwhile.


Furthermore, the minister also assured that efforts were already put in place to grant automatic employment to students after graduation from the tertiary institution.

” Undergraduate students of B. Ed / B. A. Ed/ BSc. Ed in Public institutions is to receive stipends of N75, 000. 00 per semester while NCE students will get N50, 000. 00 as stipends per semester.

The Federal Government should find the modality through which respective state governments could provide automatic employment for NCE graduates at Basic Education level, ” he said

Thanks for reading this article. Meanwhile, will the introduction of this scheme by the Federal Government awaken the student’ s zeal in studying educational courses in the tertiary institutions? Let me know your thoughts on this.



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