Stop Doing These 7 Things If You Want Your Phone Battery To Last Long

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Mobile phone is one of the most essential technologies that we make use of everyday. It has become part of us that, we hardly do without it.

Mobile phone has lots of advantages to us like communication, access to the internet, typing, playing music or videos, playing games and so many others. It is simply an essential asset to every human being walking in the planet.

In regards to that, all these can not be achieved without durable battery attached to the mobile phone. But sometimes our ignorance to some certain things do lead to poor durability of batteries.

Stop doing these 7 things if you want your phone battery to last long:

  1. Always turn on Airplane Mode if you’re in a bad network area.

Our mobile phones are built in such a way that, it automatically seek for signals even if it is in an area where the network is poor. In the process of it searching for network, it will be draining the percentage of our battery little by little without us noticing it.

Therefore, always turn On your airplane mode if you are in a bad network area.

  1. Avoid always putting your phone in your jeans pocket.

There’s no doubt that the easiest way to carry our phone about is putting it in the pocket, but it may interest your to know that the phone contaminated with dust and other tiny debris. And these tiny debris could sometimes block your phone’s charging point and stop the battery from functioning properly.

Therefore, always avoid it or get a phone case that can cover the charging point very well.

  1. Always turn off your data and cheat Apps when you are not using them.

It is self explanatory!

Mobile data and Apps can drain your battery faster than anything you can think of. Therefore, always turn them off when not in use.

  1. Always switch your phone off once in a while.

Our phones are virtually busy everyday, giving it no time to rest. It is advisable to make it a habit to always switch off our phone for like 10 minutes, these are machines and they need rest too.

Do it at least three times in a week.

  1. Stop always keeping your phone at 100%.

Always keeping your phone at 100% will do you no good but make the battery weak and exhausted.

Our phones sometimes functions as humans. Have you ever eaten food finish and couldn’t function properly because you over ate the food? That is exactly what happens to our phones when they are always over charged. Therefore, allow it to drain once in a while.

  1. Stop overnight charging of your phone.

Your battery gets full while you are sleeping and it continues charging without anyone to disconnect it. This is very harmful to you and your battery.

Mind you, it is one of the fastest way of draining your battery’s life, so stop charging of your phone overnight please!

  1. Stop charging and making use of your phone at the same time.

What stops you from making use of your after charging it? Give it time to charge, you can still use it later.

This reduces the life span and at kills the battery at end without your knowledge.


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