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Stop Allowing Girls To Sleep Overnight In Your House, See Reasons

There are several reasons why people engage themselves in a Relationship before marriage. But there are aspects of relationship that a man should not allow until he gets married. In this article, Bami-Umar will reveal the reason why men should stop allowing girls to sleep overnight.

  1. There have been cases of people going to bed and not waking up in the morning. If you are a woman to sleep overnight and something hand happens to her, you could go to jail even if you are innocent. Many men are in prison because women that slept in their house never woke up the next day. Please stop women from sleep overnight in your house.

  2. Women are very secretive and dangerous. Most women have murdered their men girl they are asleep. While there are cases of women burning down their man’s house while he is asleep. For your own safety, stop allowing girls to sleep overnight. She can come during the daytime and go in the evening.


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