Stop Buying These Drugs, NAFDAC Has Banned Them

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Drugs are very important in the quest for maintaining good health. Without the use of drugs, life can be very tedious to maintain as quick solutions or first aids may not be achievable. However, some drugs have been discovered to be harmful to human health rather than useful. It is with this reason that the food and drug governing body has decided to terminate the sale and use of some drugs. According to a publication on the NAFDAC official website, these drugs have been banned.

Drugs for human health include the following


You might also know that this drug is sold under the brand name Macrobid among others, is an anti-toxin prescription used to treat bladder contaminations, ear diseases, and minor skin contaminations, yet isn’t as viable for kidney diseases. That aside, the drug is banned here in Nigeria and should not be purchased by anyone.


It is a drug that is used to treat bacterial and protozoal infections. However, you are to avoid it like plague has NAFDAC has banned it sale.


Chloramphenicol is an anti-toxin. It’s predominantly used to treat eye diseases, (for example, conjunctivitis) and in some cases ear contaminations. Chloramphenicol comes as eye drops or eye treatment balm but however, if you find anyone selling or pricing it at the counter, do not hesitate to call the police.


It is sold promoted under the brand name Flagyl among others, is an anti-infection and antiprotozoal prescription. Due to the fact that it has tendencies to cause harm to human health, NAFDAC has placed a ban on both it sale and use.

Malachite green

Malachite green which is also known as aniline green, benzaldehyde green, or china green is used as a local antiseptic and can be found even in local chemists or pharmacies. It is effective against fungi and gram-positive bacteria. Although effectiveness has proven to be harmful than good, therefore it is no longer to be sold or used in the country.

Vetenary drugs that have been banned


Nitroimidazoles is an antibacterial and anticoccidial drug that is used to prevent and treat histomoniasis and coccidiosis in poultry. Most people may have seen it in drug stores.


This is an antiprotozoal medication of the nitroimidazole class utilized in veterinary medication. It is utilized for the treatment of histomoniasis in turkeys and for pig diarrhea.

Please always inform law enforcement agents if you see anyone selling the above mentioned drugs on the counter. Use the share button to get others informed also.

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