Stop Calling It “K Leg”- See The Right English Name For It And Other Facts You Need To Know

As they say, if you stop learning then you are gradually killing yourself. That is why we continue to learn every day of our lives, and there is an old saying that says ” the more you learn the more you keep knowing things you don’ t know”

This brought us the right English name for ‘ K leg’ . In this article, we will find out the correct English name for ‘ K leg’ the Symptoms, and other health facts Fack you need to know.

It is called ‘ knock leg’ and not ‘ k leg’


The knock leg is a condition where the legs curve out inside so that the feet are apart but the knees are touching.

This is common among our young children, and the opposite of knock needs is bow legs, and this is when the feet are touching but the knees are apart from each other.

Are knock legs normal?

It depends but if it persists beyond 6 years of age then this may be a sign of knock knee syndrome

Can they be treated

This is a pattern for the way a child loos when walking or standing. Children presenting the physiological knock knees don’ t need treatment as they grow the knock leg will eventually come back to normal.

Symptoms of knock knee

This is visible when the child stands straight and the foot is pointing forward.

Some of them are

• outward rotated feet

• unusual walking pattern

• ankle remain apart while the knees are touching

• symmetric inward angulation of the knees

What is the cause of knock knee

There are many reasons for knock knee some of them are

• Arthritis in your knee joint

• obesity, which can put extra pressure on your knees

• Infection or injury in your knee or leg

• bone malfunctioning due to lack of calcium and vitamin D

• Loss knee ligament (the bands of tissues that surround the joints that connect the bones).

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