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Stop Cooking Beans With This Ingredient! It Destroys Your Liver

Beans is a leguminous crop that isis a well known source of protein and is medically advisable over animal proteins like beef etc.

Beans has different species and also their texture and heat withstanding capacity differs too. That is why you would notice that some get done quicker than others.

But in this generation, everyone wants cooking to be done the fast way, drifting from the normal procedures just because they cannot exercise patience for long cooking foods.

So to make the food to get ready faster, they decide to add different substances to shorten the original boiling time forgetting that everything has a disadvantage.

Substances like potash (kanwu) are usually added to hasten the cooking time of such foods.

Breadfruit and some meats are also prepared this way and even many others that we might not know.

In this article you are going to see the hidden dangers attached to this act of impatience. There umis a saying that goes ” short cuts are not always good” . Why not exercise patience and save your liver? who knows if this act does not only affect liver but other body parts too, no one can tell.

What is liver?

The liver is the largest organ in the body. It’ s work is for the detoxification of food and also metabolism. It stores the body’ s glucose, emulsification and fats. Lots of responsibilities for that part of the body and now imagine it no more, the feeling will be regretable!

From the above explanation of what the liver is, you can tell that substance that enters the mouth passes through the liver for detoxification and metabolism. So basically your body might not work well without it.


Potash are well known to produce harmful substances when being exposed to heat and these harmful substances they produce get added in the food we cook them with which will then pass through our liver as we ingest them.

Therefore the liver starts dying and getting damaged gradually. The worst thing you should think of is to avoid it’ s signs, go for medical help immediately!

Once the liver stops functioning it is being described as liver failure.


Instead of cooking with potash please use onions and enjoy a healthy life.

This is a lesson to us, be patient in whatever you do, short cuts don’ t lead to anything good.

Thanks for reading.


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