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Stop Killing Northerners In The South, We’ve Been Peaceful To You – Northern Women Protest

Northern women under the umbrella of ‘Jam’iyyar Matan Arewa’, held a protest in Kaduna state on Wednesday concerning the challenges facing Nigeria’s unity, and the safety of Northerners in various parts of the country.

The group’s President, Rabi Saulawa spoke during the protest as she encouraged southerners to emulate the Northern part of Nigeria. Saulawa claims the Northern part of Nigeria is peaceful and has often accommodated people from other part of Nigeria.


Women from the Northern part of Nigeria have expressed displeasure regarding the treatment given to Northerners living in the Southern part of the country.

Speaking regarding the issue at the protest in Kaduna State, Rabi Saulawa claims that Northerners are profiled, attacked, intimidated, killed and they often receive hostile reception in the South-West and South-East geopolitical zones.

Speaking further Saulawa said, “We are all witnesses to the recent murder and orchestrated destruction of shops, properties belonging to Northerners at Shasha market and Igangan community in Oyo state. We also witnessed the incineration of a trailer loaded with cattle and foodstuffs from the North in Anambra State.”


According to Rabi Saulawa, since the creation of Nigeria, the Northern part of the country has always welcomed and accomodated people from all parts of Nigeria to live in peace and harmony. She also stated that the North has allowed such people to go about their businesses without hindrance.

Saulawa explained further that there has been numerous inter-marriages, religious affiliations of both Christians and Muslims in the spirit of peaceful coexistence in the North, as part of efforts to build a united and prosperous Nation.

Speaking further during the protest Saulawa said, “That is what our culture and tradition has taught us. We didn’t choose to be in Nigeria but God in his infinite wisdom has brought us together.”

Raising certain questions at the event Saulawa asked, “Is this the reward for being accommodating? Why can’t the concerned Southerners, if I may say so, reciprocate the gesture to live in peace with Northerners in their midst?”

Saulawa stated that historically, the North has contributed towards Nigeria’s development before the oil boom. She added that the country doesn’t depend on oil anymore, Saulawa claims that oil is only a priority, following the adoption of other energy sources.

Saulawa emphasized that the tolerance and perseverance of the North should not be taken for granted.

Watch the protest.

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