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Stop Saying Hello On Calls, See The Right Thing To Say And Other Bad Habits To Avoid On Calls

Politeness is shown not only when you are face to face with others, but also when you are not. When on the phone with someone, a lot of people develop bad habits without thinking about whether or not they are hurting the person. In this post, I’ll go through some of the most common bad habits people have while making phone calls today.

First and foremost, allow me to correct a common blunder that people make while making phone calls. The greeting “Hello” is not intended for both the caller and the recipient. Hello is a simple greeting intended to start a conversation, while “HI” is an answer to “Hello.” Since he or she made the call, the caller is assumed to be the one who started the conversation. On the other hand, the receiver is expected to respond to the caller’s questions. As a result, regardless of who is older, the caller says “Hello” first, followed by “Hi” from the receiver. If your father calls you, he must begin by saying “Hello” while you respond with “HI.” It becomes rare when the receiver says “Hello.”

Many callers show common bad habits.

You ought to be more courteous on the phone so that you don’t miss out on opportunities. The following are some of the bad habits:


  1. Rude To Strangers

The women are the ones who suffer the most as a result of this mistake. When you get a call from someone you don’t know, you start being obnoxious, particularly if you think the gentlemen is asking you out. “Hello, my name is Clinton, may I talk with Miss Kate?” is how it usually goes. “Yes, please tell me who gave you my phone number.” Some people will skip the Yes entirely. The question of “who gave you my number” has caused many women to miss out on their blessing. It’s impolite; please change your mind and answer courteously to whoever calls. You have no idea if the caller is an employer who is interested in your resume.

  1. Asking for a recharge card simply because the caller keeps calling you.

Character flaws. Instead of appreciating the fact that someone calls you often and often spends longer on the phone with you, you went ahead and said, “This one that you are calling for 20 minutes, give me card na.” Do you realize what you’ve done? You’ve completely deterred the caller from ever calling you again. “This one that you’re calling me for 20 minutes, it’s like MTN has given you Awoof credit,” some would claim. Even if it’s Awoof Airtime, if anyone doesn’t trust you, he or she won’t call you with it. Learn to be courteous and grateful to your callers.

  1. Talking to others while on call;

This is an extremely bad habit. You’re on the phone with someone, but you’re still talking to the people around you. What are you directing the caller’s attention to? Is that a fool? When on call, several people will welcome anyone who passes by. I’m not saying you shouldn’t greet people while on the phone, but the fact is that you should greet them with gestures rather than words. After all, the individual knows you’re on call, so a wave of the hand will suffice. You are embarrassing the caller/receiver if you keep yelling and talking to people around you while on the phone.

  1. Ending calls you did not make

This is a habit I despise, and I will never end a discussion that I did not initiate. Many people like clicking the end button first, before the caller does. The reality is that whoever pressed the green button first (dial) would be the first to push the red button (end). Some people go to great lengths to say goodbye to a call they didn’t make first. The caller, not you, the receiver, is in the best place to say goodbye first. When the receiver says goodbye to the caller first, it indicates that he or she is tired of the caller. For the caller, this is a source of shame. Please don’t finish anything you didn’t begin. It’s impolite and needs to be changed.

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