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Stop Saying: “I Saw Your Missed Call”, It’s Wrong! Say This Instead, And More English Corrections

We all know that English is not our native language, but it’s a major part of our lives. Nigeria was colonized by the British, and then we adopted their language; English, and it’s spoken all over the country today. Therefore we must learn to use the most appropriate words at all times.

No one is above grammar errors. We must be ready to learn and correct ourselves.

In this article, we will be looking at some common grammar errors that Nigerian’s make and their most suitable correction.

  1. I Saw Your Missed Call

I must confess, I am also guilty of this error. Don’t say; I saw your missed call. Instead, say; “I missed your call”.

  1. I am Going To Night Vigil

This statement is wrong. Don’t say; I am going to Night Vigil. Instead, say; “I am going for a vigil”.

  1. The Meat Is Very Strong

This statement is also wrong. Don’t say; The Meat is very strong, instead say; “the meat is tough”.

  1. How Was Your Night?

This statement is wrong; the right way to say it is; “I hope you slept well”.

  1. Have You Eaten?

This is another common grammar error a lot of people make. Don’t ask; Have you eaten? Instead, Say; “Have You taken your breakfast?”.

Thank you.

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