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Stop Telling People “Good Morning”, Here Are 10 Incorrect English And Corrections

English is a general language and if you’re the type that usually say it’s not your mother or father’s language, remember we were colonized by British and after we gain independence, they gave us this their language. Therefore, we need to learn it in other to communicate and sound like an advance English speaker.

Actually anyone learning English as a second language will make mistakes along the way. It is inevitable but the important thing is to learn from these mistakes so you become a more capable, confident speaker.

Hoping that some of these corrections can be helpful to you:
1. Wrong

I have a good news for you.

I have good news for you
2. Wrong

We are discussing about you

We are discussing you
3. Wrong

I don’t know how to toast a lady

I don’t know to woo a lady
4. Wrong

Please dress, I want to sit down

Please shift, I want to sit down
5. Wrong

I am not hearing you

I can’t her you
6. Wrong

The landlord gave him quit notice yesterday

The landlord gave him notice to quit yesterday
7. Wrong

Hope you understand the do and don’t

Hope you understand the do’s and don’t
8. Wrong

Something is smelling here

Something smells here
9. Wrong

I want to enter a bike

I want to mount/climb a bike
10. Wrong

Musa pregnanted his girlfriend

Musa Impregnated his girlfriend

The word “Good morning” is very correct, but we should not use it frequently to strangers. This is because some people might be in a bad mood and might be annoyed to hear the word.

There was a time I greeted a woman good morning and she asked “What is good about the morning”. Her response surprised me and was thinking what I said wrong. Then I figured out that I said nothing wrong but this might be because she’s passing through something I have no idea about.

So instead of saying good morning, it is better to use the word, “hello, I hope you have a good night rest” or “have a lovely day ahead”.

I hope you learn something new today. Don’t keep this to yourself alone, kindly like and share with others.

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