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How I Stopped My Elder Brother Who Disappeared With Our Daughter For A While

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We lived in Mombasa city where all our other family members just lived near us. I had three daughters and the last was 16 years old. She was in adolescence age and really she was such a beautiful. My elder brother had always made some visit to our place of resident. He was a secondary school teacher and at this particular time he provided our children with some home based lessons to sharpen their school knowledge.

Since we wanted our children to prosper, I and my wife did not have any other option rather than deploying my brother to take charge of their academic work especially on holidays to at least boost the knowledge of our children. It was on August holiday when we came home from work and found our daughter was missing. Her clothes and other essentials were nowhere to be seen also.

The neighbors said they knew nothing about her missing. It was late at night and we were now worried a 16 year old girl it was risky. I tried to call my elder brother but he was off. None of his mobile phones lines went through. I wondered how someone could just kidnap our daughter plus my brother and just walk scot free from our estate that we lived since security was on another level.

Something fishy had really happened. My wife really broke I tears. It was a day now and we had not seen any sign of our daughter returning back home. When we went at my brother’s house his wife said that the guy was nowhere to be seen since he did not return back home for the last days. We took a point to report to the relevant authorities that is the police to inform them about our missing brother and daughter.

They started investigations and as usual we knew if the police found them then it would be a good job. But due to the police delaying of things, I had to look for some other options. Janet my work mate said that she would take me to Mugwenu doctors for some help. The next day I was at Mugwenu doctors ready to have their assistance. I was attended to and the herbalists told me that my brother was the one who had disappeared with my daughter. They added that he had now married our daughter.

The herbalists promised things will be back to normal since things were at their hands. Two days after I went back home, my brother came home at my place complaining he really had some nightmares he was with our daughter by his side. He admitted that he was in a romantic relationship with our little princess. He really broke in tears and asked for forgiveness.

As a brother I did not hesitate and I forgave him. After a while we took him to Mugwenu doctors in the company f our daughter. They were cleansed and that was a new chapter in our lives. We later lived happily as a family with no wrangles. Mugwenu doctors help you cast hex spells, black magic spells and more others which might be a barricade to ones daily life activities. They also treat various diseases like high blood pressure and tuberculosis just within three days. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail mugwenudoctors@gmail.com or visit www.mugwenudoctors.com for more.

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