My Story: How You Could Date A Married Man Without Knowing. - Mc Ebisco My Story: How You Could Date A Married Man Without Knowing. - Mc Ebisco

My Story: How You Could Date A Married Man Without Knowing.

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I had just finished my National Youth Service Corp in Bauchi when I moved back to Ogun State where my parents resided.

I had dreams, hopes and ambitions just like an average young lady in Nigeria. My family friend who was the Human Resource Manager of a reputable company at that time helped with a Job. A job I was reluctant to start as at that time because of the pay.

I started work in the Company for me to at least gain experience since I had never worked before.

On a Fateful Day I was going to work when I met this young man in a Toyota Camry he beckoned on me to hop in.

I was reluctant at first but I still entered anyways afterall I was already late. He dropped me just in front of my work place while he asked me to give him my number.

We exchanged contact and he started calling me.

He told me he was managing his father’s companies one of which was a Hotel not too far from where I worked.

Our conversation was always on phone and there were days he will call me late in the night and other days I will tell him it was too late and that I couldn’t pick his call.

He insisted on coming to pick me from work one day when rain was falling “threatening” that he wasn’t going to leave until I allow him pick me. He picked me up and dropped me where I could take a bike home.

He seemed like a gentleman, kind and soft-spoken but I felt there was something about him that wasn’t just right. He asked me out and I just told him No. However I was opened to friendship but he kept on pushing.

I never visited him and I never allowed him visit me.

On this day my instinct told me to ask him this while we were chatting.

“How are you and How’s your child” I asked

” He’s fine ” He answered reluctantly after a while

“Did you see me dropping him at school today”

“No” I replied

After a while he confessed to me that he was married and had two kids as a matter of fact he was coming back from having dropped off his son the day I met him.

After questioning him for his deceitful ways he told me ” he liked me and wanted to make me a second wife.

He never wore his wedding ring and looked really young, You would think he was a single man. After the confession I cut all ties with him and thanked God I didn’t fall for his deceit.

If you are a single lady and you are reading this please be careful of married men that pose as single men. Trust your instincts. And Don’t date someone who already has a wife. Remember your prayer is to one day become a wife

May we not live to regret our actions

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