Strange! Corpse Of A Woman Made To Fry "Garri" Even In Her Death As Undertaker Shows Levels -
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Strange! Corpse Of A Woman Made To Fry “Garri” Even In Her Death As Undertaker Shows Levels

Screenshot 2021 09 14 at 18 08 21 Scooper News Strange Corpse Of A Woman Made To Fry Gari Even In Her Death As Undertaker...

This is an unbelievable picture of a corpse of a woman who had died made to fry “Gari” by an undertaker. In the picture circulating on social media, the corpse of this woman was undertaken to sit on a chair behind a “Gari” frying pan as if it was a living human being doing such. Suggestions being shows that this woman was actually a business when she was alive.

She produced “Gari” for sale and that was what she has been doing for her entire life when she was alive on this earth. Hence the need for the undertaker to show levels by undertaking her suitable to the business she did on this earth before meeting her death. This picture may look simple to you but it wouldn’t be an easy task to get a dead body to do such a thing that is meant for the living.

Picture of the corpse of a woman frying “Gari”


“Gari” is made from cassava, it is milled, pressed and fried. Frying is the last stage of “Gari” production and that was what the corpse of the woman was exactly made to do in the picture even in her death.


Not all mermaids are the shimmering versions of femininity which is mostly seen in pop culture. In actual fact, those mermaids—which seem to be a combination of the Melusine and Greek mythology—barely skim the surface of this fish-human legend. several countries and culture have their own versions of mermaids, from a snake water goddess to a fish with a monkey mouth.

Some are even benevolent, some ambivalent, and others are openly hostile to the poor humans who cross their paths.

  1. Tales from Japanese

Vastly different from the Western version of a beautiful mermaid, this monster can be found in Japanese folklore and it’s been described as a giant fish with a huge human face and a monkey’s mouth, and sometimes even horns and fangs. In a serious conflict of interest, anyone who eats the Ningyo will have eternal youth and beauty—but catching one often brings very terrible storms and misfortune to entire villages.

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