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Student Who Escaped Jangebe Kidnappers Reveals What She Saw, Says Women Were Among The Bandits

One of the female students who escaped the abductors of 300 students of Government Girls, Jangebe, has revealed what she saw in the scene of the incidence.

One of the students identified as Madina Hamisu Kawaye, who also escaped, revealed that women were among the bandits that kidnapped over 300 students of Government Girls Secondary School, Jangebe in Zamfara state.

In her words, Kawaye said, ”I was sleeping deeply, the woman wore dark clothes and was holding a gun. She was hitting the building with her gun to wake us up from sleep. ”

” I stood up confused, I realized all the girls in our hostel were taken outside, some were covered with blankets .”

Another escapee, Zainab also made the same remark that women were among the bandits that kidnapped the school girls. She narrated that she managed to escape because she hid in a toilet when the gunmen were gathering the students.

I really wondered how women could be part of the bandits that had the mind to kidnap over 300 students. Does it mean such women are not yet married? Does it mean their husbands don’t ask there whereabouts?

If they are not married, does it mean they are not thinking of getting married? Which man on Earth would even marry a bandit as wife?

Seriously I used to think that women don’t have such heart to be terrorising a fellow human being, but it seems it’s becoming contrary to my thoughts.

A similar case was the viral report few days ago, that a woman was arrested in Anambra State, for allegedly using innocent children for fetish missions.
Women are meant to be soft hearted, why is it turning this way?


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