Students That Are To Resume on Monday, 1st of February 2021 Should Take Note of This Message

As students are preparing to resume on Monday, 1st of February 2021, they should know that the Covid-19 pandemic is still out there and all measures to prevent the virus from spreading are to be observed even while in school.

Most students especially the tertiary students find is hard to observe Covid-19 Protocols and prevention due to the freedom they are been given and most parents have in mind that they can take care of themselves and this is true, but these students usually neglect some important actions that are supposed to be taken in due time because they pay less attention to them, and one of this action is following the Covid-19 Protocols and preventive measures while in school.

In this article, I will be stating the Covid-19 protocols and preventive measures that are to be observe by students while in school.

1) Students should always wash and sanitize their hands before attending classes.


2) Every student should have at least five washable face masks and two 5mls virals of hand sanitizers each.

3) Students are to observe each other and report any case of illness to the school authority immediately.

4) Students are to always ensure that their face mask are all on especially in class and among crowds.

5) Every student should ensure that his or her hostel is well ventilated clean at all time.

6) Students are to avoid handshakes as this is also common way of transmitting the Covid-19 infections.

7) Students should observe one another and ensure that the laid down Covid-19 protocols and preventive measures are followed at all time.

8) Students are to obey the rules and regulations of the school even while observing the Covid-19 protocols and preventive measures.

I strongly believe that if these Covid-19 protocols and preventive measures are observed, the government will have no reason to shut down schools again.

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