Stunning picture of father and daughter that will make you ask ‘God when?’

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It’s every sane man’s dream to build a lovely family, a beautiful home and an awesome future.

This picture surfaced online just this morning and it’s been getting everyone awning. In the picture, a father lies back on the ground while his daughter plays with toys all over him.

It’s a beautiful sight to see. Even a woman of sound mind, except the woke set of new generation feminists the world is brewing right now who would choose career over family, would love to have a responsible husband and loving father for her kids.

I mean in our generation, most of our fathers were never around. While some are obsessed with work, some are drunks, some are women freak and so on. So where I’m coming from, it’s difficult having a father so available to play with.

And this is what the future should stand to correct, through us.

We should all aspire to build up beautiful homes that will produce God fearing children. I’m not saying Marlians are not products of good homes but the truth us, most of us claiming Marlians are not truly Marlians in true sense of it.

Most of us claiming Marlians can’t smoke, do fraud and all but we all just want to stay in vogue. Of course it’s all fad, it will pass.

The dream is hustle, get married and build the best home your kids would ever wish to live.

What do you think?

Written by Shadrack Ebisco

Welcome to Mc Ebisco, I am a blogger and a comedian in Nigeria, My aims and objectives are to share knowledge and varieties of news and information across the globe.

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