STYLE MUSE! 10 Chicest Natural Hairstyles To Learn From Adesua Etomi-Wellington


When it comes to celebrities who love being natural with their hairstyle, Adesua Etomi Wellington is a gem and a beauty icon in that aspect. Apart from her being known for her outstanding roles, she is also known for her role as a pioneer of natural hairstyle in the movie industry.

The award-winning actress makes many desires natural hair because of the way she styles her hair. Adesua loves her hair packed in a high bun most times, but she has also proven that natural hair can be styled in several ways.

So, in view of this. Weโ€™ll be sharing some fantastic styles you can steal from her various natural hair look.

This style will give you that gorgeous look

Afro style is one to try out especially for casual outings or dinners.

Hoping to rock natural hair for your big day? Then this style is your stop shop

You can achieve a great look with this style

This looks will also go well on brides and itโ€™s so beautiful

This style will give you that stunning desired look

This double bun style will give you a cute look

This is one fantastic style that will suit every woman with natural hair perfectly

This style will make you look outstanding in any gathering

This high bun style is suitable for any bride

This style will have everyone crushing on your natural hair. You should try it out

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