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Sunday Igboho Biography, Number Of Wives, Occupation & Other Vital Information About Him (Details)




Sunday Igboho real name is Sunday Adeyemo Igboho. He is a Yoruba icon. He got popular this year when he gave the Fulani Herdsme 7 days to leave Gbogan and Ibarapa area of oyo state due to the atrocity they commit. He was born on the 12th day of October 1972. He is a Yoruba fighter and he fights for what he thinks is right.

So many people thinks he is not a rich person but actually he is doing well financially. He started from repairing bikes. But now, he sells cars. He is a business mogul in Oyo state. He comes from Igboho town in oyo state. I think that is the only reason why they call him Sunday Igboho.

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During the modakeke war, he left for osun state but After the war, he came back to Igboho to start his life afresh. Even till now, people still calls him Igboho but you will not know that is not his real name. He has a company which he owns. The name of the company is Adeson International Business Concept Limited.





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He is married and he has two Wives and a lot of children. He confirms that none of his children are in this country. One of his wife is in Germany while the other one is in Canada. When people ask him the number of children he has, he only tells them that you don’t count children of another man. It is a taboo. He said he is a father to boys and girls.

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