How Sunday Igboho Was Finally Captured After FG Used Three Strategies That Worked Against Him - Mc Ebisco How Sunday Igboho Was Finally Captured After FG Used Three Strategies That Worked Against Him - Mc Ebisco
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How Sunday Igboho Was Finally Captured After FG Used Three Strategies That Worked Against Him

News of the detention of prominent Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho may come as a surprise to many Nigerians.

Igboho was captured in Cotonou, Benin Republic while he was allegedly making last- minute efforts to leave, as reported by The Punch. The primary source that provided this information to the platform claims that Iboha was preparing to escape to Germany after he was apprehended by the authorities in that country. According to the source, Igboho would be returned to Nigeria soon.

Recently, the federal government and the security agencies have been causing problems for Igbooho. In all the years Igboho had been boasting, he had always made clear that he was not frightened of anyone and that he would not cease to be the person he was. This article will address three federal government techniques that assisted in the efforts to keep Igboho in captivity and at the same time assisted in his apprehension.

He was a wanted man, first of all, by the federal authorities

According to this, the federal government has directed all Nigerians to provide information that can lead to the capture of Igboho to the security services. Igboho’ s whereabouts can be found by anyone who sees him, and so the security agents can be informed.

It could be in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world. Nigeria’ s authorities, in concert with other neighboring countries, had worked with other countries to track Igboho’ s movements, leading to his detention.

secondly, the federal government listed Igboho as a putative problem

This was the second federal government strategy the nation had tried. This applied our previous method once we had wind that Igboho was perfecting arrangements to escape Nigeria. Placing Igboho on the stop- list prevented Igboho from obtaining the necessary travel papers.

On top of that, all of the agencies dealing with security were made aware that Igboho is sought and has been placed on the wanted list. He was never given paper since no one would provide it to him, and he would have been detained if he appeared anyplace. Despite Nigeria’ s assertion that it would no longer share intelligence with neighboring countries, the government was still doing so. As a result, the Customs and Immigration officials were placed on red alert.

The third point to consider is that Nigeria worked with other countries after ordering the arrest of Igbo people on sight

That third approach turned out to be the key to success. They had to tell law enforcement agencies all around the country to place Igboho under arrest if they saw him. Together with their neighboring countries, the government teamed up with her, sharing the required intelligence with their security services.

Igboho has been detained in Cotonou thanks to that. Approaching from the east, capturing Igboho from the south, and converging from the south on the island from the west contributed in one way or another in his final capture. Now that he has been captured, nobody knows what will happen.

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