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Sunday Igboho Isn’t A Hero Or Activist, See His True Colours

In politics, there are is a reason why there is nothing like friendship or love. It is about interests. It is a game of opportunists, con men, liars and desperadoes. They identify loopholes, exploit them to their own advantage, and act like the messiah.

In 2014, President Muhammadu Buhari and his APC gang realized that corruption was on the rise under the administration of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. And that the people had lost faith in the administration. Buhari cleverly presented himself as an incorruptible man who was ready to rid the country of unscrupulous people. Since he became president, corruption has continued as usual with just a majority of his political enemies facing trial in court.

The same strategy is being used again by Sunday Igboho. He is using the herdsmen crises to raise his stock politically, and it is working. All of a sudden, he has gone from that local champion in Oyo State to a national figure in Nigerian politics, and he isn’t stopping anytime soon. Are the issues he raised valid? Yes, they are. Are his intentions genuine? I think I doubt.

The indications are clear and even the blind can see them. Igboho is a politician and a member of the PDP. He is an ally of a former Oyo State governor, Rashidi Ladoja. He made stupid wealth from politics although, his relevance to politicians remains highly suspicious. Rumours have it that he was involved in political thuggery and land-grabbing. How did such a man with a questionable history become a freedom fighter and an activist?

He is enjoying the national attention he is getting. His solutions to the herders-farmers crises are counter-productive and would lead to a civil war, but he doesn’t seem to care. He loves the buzz and grants interviews even more than necessary. This is politics and publicity in full play, and nobody can read between the lines. The man has personal ambitions. Only time can unfold this.

In order to cement his persona as a warlord who fought in the Ife-Modakeke clash, he even bragged out tackling the dreaded Boko Haram sect. He believes he could end insurgency in Nigeria, without any support from the government. If you believe this, then you can believe anything. These are bombastic and populist claims peculiar to politicians, who are desperate to curry favour at all costs. We have been down this road before.

This is not freedom-fighting, activism or heroism in any sense. This is mere politicking, attention-seeking, showmanship and mass manipulation. Nigerians need to read between the lines before they tip Igboho to be the next governor of Oyo State.

The heart of a man which we can’t see is full of evil. Real intentions are always masked and difficult to decipher. But if you are focused and deep-thinking, people like Igboho will never fool you.

Yoruba ronu! Wake up, my people!!. You are being played like FIFA.

This is my personal opinion anyway. You are free to disagree. No insults please, just disagree with me with concrete points.


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