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If Sunday Igboho Does This ONE Thing, The Killer Herdsmen Are Finished

In politics, nothing is really right or wrong. It is more about how you go about it. Most times, evil intentions could be executed by political actors under the cloak of legality.

Political leaders use the court of law to victimize their opponents and silence dissenting voices. This pattern can be used by the famous Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho who has issued a quit notice to some Fulanis settlers in Igangan, Oyo State.

He has gain popularity since he forcefully ejected the rural Fulani dwellers over the dire security situation of the area. The fearless one has also vowed to eject the killer herdsmen from the entire South-western states. His stance has collided with the dictates of the law and there were rumours that the Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari ordered his arrest. Although, this hasn’t happened.

Despite threats from all quarters, Igboho has promised to chase out the Fulani herdsmen from Ogun State next, and he has also included Kwara State to his list. According to a prominent senior lawyer, Femi Falana, the actions of Igboho are against the law. If he continues, he might be seen as a local terrorist, thereby warranting his arrest and prosecution.

What can Igboho do to carry out his moves?

Igboho needs to play politics. He claimed in one of his interviews to have been offered the role of a commander of the Amoketun, the Western Nigeria Security Network. He has declined but he needs to take up the position. This will allow him to freely travel across all the South-western states and battle the killer herdsmen without any political or legal hindrances. His actions will be given a legal face and he will be unstoppable. Under the banner of the Amotekun, he will be able to gather his own army as he did during the Modake-Ife clash. He will have space and privacy to train them, fortify them and also equip them with formidable weapons.

Under the Amoketun, he will carefully map out strategies and go after the killer herdsmen in their hideouts to smoke them out. Communities harbouring them and also giving them all manners of support would be severely punished. All his actions which might be overbearing at the end of the day will be given a legal outlook.

He will be protected by the law and before his cover is fully blown, the criminal herdsmen would have been pushed back.

What do you make of my suggestion? Do you think Igboho should be made the commander of the Amoketun? What other strategies do you think he can employ?


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