Sunday Igboho Reveals The Original Source Of His 'Juju' Powers, See How It All Started - Mc Ebisco Sunday Igboho Reveals The Original Source Of His 'Juju' Powers, See How It All Started - Mc Ebisco
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Sunday Igboho Reveals The Original Source Of His ‘Juju’ Powers, See How It All Started

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From Osun to Oyo states and some other places in the South West, the name, Sunday Igboho, rings a bell. Either as a result of several tales and myths about the 45-year-old man who reportedly commands guns into appearance and is feared for what many see as a lifestyle of brigandage or an encounter with him in real life or through a recent eponymous Yoruba home video, a meeting with Chief Sunday Adeyemo alias Sunday Igboho, is certain to arouse curiosity.

In one of his interviews, he speaks on his life, how he came about his name and metaphysical prowess and his decision to contest the governorship seat in Oyo State in 2019.

When asked about his metaphysical powers he use in commanding a gun to appear from nowhere, he said It is a divine secret from God; according to him, he inherited the powers from his fathers.

He further stated how his name, Sunday, which signifies Christianity came about, saying he is a Christian; an original one. He was christened by the church in Igboho when he was born.

He said while growing up, he met his father going to church but he was a herbalist and one can inherit the powers.

He said he uses the the powers to defend himself; inasmuch as he does not perpetrate wickedness with it. He said he wears amulets to church, under his cloth and anyone who is scared of him is not Yoruba.

He further stated that God didn’t say we should not defend ourselves. In his words, “Tell me any prophet in the Bible who did not defend himself. It was only Jesus Christ that was patient and meek to the point of replacing a severed ear of an enemy. Moses was a warrior; he was an actor. I am an actor too. Joshua was a warrior; Samson fought battles; David did too.

The Israelites fought wars; they defended themselves. So, when an enemy wants to bring a fight, I can defend myself using tradition powers and God will not be vexed. He created the herbs and roots; He said everything is perfect and made human beings rulers over them all.

So, if God made me a ruler over something, why shouldn’t I control it? If I cannot do that, it means I do not know what God has sent me to do. But of course, it is not everyone that knows what God sent him to do. The Bible also confirms this when it said many are called, few are chosen”.


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