SUNDAY IGBOHO, YORUBA NATION Suffer Setback As Top Yoruba Monarchs Reject Secession Agitation, Declare Support For One Nigeria - Mc Ebisco SUNDAY IGBOHO, YORUBA NATION Suffer Setback As Top Yoruba Monarchs Reject Secession Agitation, Declare Support For One Nigeria - Mc Ebisco
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SUNDAY IGBOHO, YORUBA NATION Suffer Setback As Top Yoruba Monarchs Reject Secession Agitation, Declare Support For One Nigeria

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Is it fair to say Sunday Igboho, the leader of Yoruba Nation Agitation Group is a failure or wasted his time working relentlessly to make his stand on division of Nigeria known? Is it finished for Sunday Igboho as prominent Yoruba kings back out of Yoruba Nation? Why didn’ t these kings speak up against Igboho when he newly started his agitation? all these are question people kept asking after seeing the loyalty of these kings to one Nigeria?

Noticeable customary rulers in the six states of the South- west geo- political zone have charged all Yoruba children and adults to accept harmony and shun acts that can prompt the crumbling of Nigeria.

The imperial dads, who are the caretakers of Yoruba culture and custom, likewise kicked against vicious tumults for the withdrawal of Yorubaland from the remainder of Nigeria.

The conventional rulers, remembering the Olubadan of Ibadanland for Oyo State, Oba Saliu Adetunji; Soun of Ogbomosoland, Oyo State, Oba Jimoh Oyewunmi Ajagungbade III; Olowo of Owo, Ondo State, Oba Ajibade Gbadegesin, Ogunoye III; Oluwo of Iwoland in Osun State, Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi; Onisan of Isan- Ekiti, Ekiti State, Oba Gabriel Adejuwon Adetila; Olu of Moloko- Asipa, Igbore, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Oba Nureni Nasiru Adesina; and the Elemure of Emure- Ekiti, Ekiti State, Oba Emmanuel Adebowale Adebayo, expressed this when an assignment of the Yoruba Appraisal Forum [YAF] drove by its National Coordinator, Adeshina Animashaun, paid them harmony promotion and kindness visits in their particular castles last week.

The regal dads cautioned that Yoruba race would acquire only just miss out in any savage a showdown with the national government and the remainder of the country in any endeavor to dismantle Nigeria.

As per them, brutality will just wind up in deteriorating the generally tense circumstance in the country.

They focused on that those disturbing for a different Yoruba Nation were not agents of the whole Yoruba race, cautioning that such people and gatherings were just stowing away under a cloak to accomplish their narrow minded targets.

The regal dads encouraged Yoruba young people to help all endeavors to guarantee outright harmony in Nigeria and spoke to the people and gatherings fomenting for a different Yoruba country to sheathe their blades and rather hold hands with different loyalists to work the turn of events and development of Nigeria.

They, in any case, urged all abused Yoruba to enroll to cast a ballot in the 2023 general races to right the apparent wrongs being endured by individuals of the district under the Nigerian Federation.

What Oba Olubadan Said About Agitation For Yoruba Nation And How Dangerous It Could Be For Yoruba Tribe

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Olubadan said, ” I’ m cheerful over your visit to my royal residence. I can see the shrewdness in the thing you’ re doing. Such countless things are going on now.

” I need to guarantee you that the Yoruba are not dozing or compliant. My supplication is that Yorubaland won’ t encounter any confusion or savagery. Before we are for the most part Nigerians, we’ re as a matter of first importance Yoruba. We as a whole know our various beginnings and sources. Nigeria today is separated into six geo- political zones and we’ re in the South- west.

We have South- East, South- South, North- Central, North- East and North- West. Yet, in the event that we look very well today, out of every one of them, it is the South- West that is generally evolved. Is it the space of the economy, training, wellbeing, street foundation, etc? God has been extremely tolerant to us (South- West). God has likewise honored Yorubaland with noticeable Pastors, Imams and customary religionists. This load of famous Yoruba children and girls are not laying on their paddles by any means. They hold gatherings routinely– the regal dads, the lead representatives. There is this gathering called South- West Stakeholders Forum.

” We can’ t address an emergency with another emergency. We mustn’ t permit the circumstance to decline. On the off chance that certain individuals are intending to cause confusion, we mustn’ t permit them to ruin things. We’ ll interest them with reasons that those set on obliterating the nation ought to be stayed away from so they will not drag you and me just as all Yoruba into their wickedness. If it’ s not too much trouble, stay patient. It will be well with us every one of us. ”

Yoruba Tribe Will Gain Nothing If We Leave Nigeria- King Soun Of Ogbomoso Speaks


Talking along these lines, Soun of Ogbomosoland, Oba [Dr] Oladunni Oyewunmi Ajagungbade III, cautioned those unsettling for a different Yoruba Nation to die the idea, saying the Yoruba race has nothing to profit from withdrawing from an assembled Nigeria.

Oba Oyewunmi charged Yoruba young people to rather get ready to enroll to cast a ballot and take part greatly in the 2023 general decisions.

The ruler said, ” Which ethnic gathering in Nigeria is the biggest? You’ re discussing 2023 decisions, I figure the larger part will consistently convey the vote. This you ought not neglect. This is one region you should chip away at.

” Discussing tumults for withdrawal, where will the Yoruba go to? God made us all to live respectively. I recall when we had three districts, we had been collaborating and doing things together and there was no issue. At the point when you were all democratic then, at that point, no one discussed withdrawal, for what reason should we currently be discussing division. In the event that we withdraw, where would we like to go at this point?

” At the point when I was in Jos, the then Ooni Adesoji Aderemi had an organization in Jos and at whatever point he came around, we’ ll all meet him at Hill Station. In case there was no collaboration would he have his organization there? I’ m not on the side of any ethnic gathering withdrawing from Nigeria. I’ ll encourage you to seek after programs that will carry harmony to all Nigerians. You, adolescents should meet up and respond to this call. ”

There Is No Good Reason For Yoruba Tribe To Pull Out Of Nigeria- Oluwo Positions Himself


On his part, the Olowo of Owo, Oba Ajibade Gbadegesin Ogunoye III, expressed that there was no reason for the current tumults by certain people for the withdrawal of Yorubaland from the remainder of the country.

Oba Ogunoye, nonetheless, pushed for an arrival of the nation to genuine Federalism, saying the constitution of Nigeria by various ethnic gatherings required the reception of genuine Federalism at autonomy.

” In the event that we can get back to genuine Federalism, all will be well for Nigeria. Until further notice, there is no reason for fomentations for withdrawal. Prior to autonomy, the acknowledgment of the way that we are of various ethnic identities required the reception of genuine Federalism. May God help us. Yorubaland will not crumble or be annihilated, ” he told the YAF appointment at his royal residence in Owo, Ondo State.

The Oluwo of Iwoland in Osun State, Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi, during the visit to his castle by YAF, communicated his resistance to any arrangement by the Yoruba to split away from the remainder of Nigeria.

Oba Akanbi, who was addressed by the Aro of Iwo, Chief Ola IyanuOluwa, who got the YAF appointment at the Oluwo’ s castle in Iwo, cautioned those upsetting for a different Yoruba country not affect emergency in Yorubaland.

The ruler, be that as it may, complimented YAF for setting out on the harmony support and politeness visits to illustrious dads all over Yorubaland.

As per him, ” War is rarely unsurprising, may God save us all. In spite of the fact that we’ re upset, we’ re not happy with the status quo in Nigeria, we’ ve been hearing individuals discussing severance, Yoruba Nation what not. We’ re supplicating that God should assist with revamping Nigeria. We realize the outcome will be a positive one inasmuch as we as a whole have well meaning goal to improve Nigeria. In this way, every one of the moves you’ re making are acceptable to us and may God award you achievement.

” Our dad, Oluwo isn’ t on the side of any withdrawal plan by the Yoruba or the evisceration of Nigeria and we as his bosses line up with his perspectives. May God assist us with revamping Nigeria, our nation won’ t crumble. So be it. ”

While likewise getting the YAF group at his royal residence in Isa- Ekiti in Ekiti State, the Onisan of Isan- Ekiti, Oba Gabriel Ayodele Adejuwon Adetila, Ilufemiloye I, cautioned that it’ s inconceivable for Yorubaland to withdraw from Nigeria.

Oba King Adetile Has To Say About The Unneccesary Agitation For Yoruba Nation

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Oba Adetila, who additionally applauded YAF for leaving on such a harmony support program, focused on that as opposed to doing battle or inciting viciousness, the right things should be finished by all to accomplish solidarity and guarantee harmony.

The ruler noticed that the Yoruba country being fomented for could in any case exist inside a unified Nigeria.

He said, ” We realize your main goal is that of harmony and that is the thing that we need. Obasanjo and the people who battled the Nigerian Civil War don’ t have any attractive comment about the conflict. In spite of the fact that there is no conflict presently, individuals can’ t go to their ranches as a result of the hijackers and executioner herders. No single individual can go to his ranch now alone except if they go collectively. That is under the current circumstance where we are not at war, then, at that point what will occur in case there is presently battle in the country?

” Your gathering has found a way a decent way to guarantee harmony all over Nigeria. This nation, Nigeria, has a place with us all of us we as a whole are partners and proprietors of the assets the nation is invested with. Thus we can’ t simply out of nowhere say since we need to withdraw from Nigeria. Along these lines, we should follow the correct way to guarantee solidarity and harmony. What has been militating against solidarity in Yorubaland is close to home interests of the people. Everyone is battling and attempting to accomplish his political point.

” Your visit is estimable and we’ ve heard you and we will educate other Obas regarding it with the goal that they would all be able to hold hands to help your motivation as opposed to sponsorship those fomenting for withdrawal and division of the country. What you’ re doing is extremely tranquil means without war. Your technique is about discourse and discovering what we as residents have been denied and what can be done? With this, regardless of whether they can’ t address every one of our complaints, something generous should in any case be possible to mitigate the sensations of individuals and we also will realize that we actually have some expectation in the fate of Nigeria.

” In case we are discussing Oodua Nation, it’ s great yet it can in any case exist inside a unified Nigeria. In case we are completely joined together, there will be advancement and development in it. However, it isn’ t so much that we’ ll withdraw or not be important for Nigeria any longer. No! It will be inside a unified Nigeria. Nigeria will keep on advancing. We realize what you’ re doing isn’ t intended for your very own benefits yet for the whole Yoruba race. God will keep on ensuring all of you. ”

Elemure Of Emure Have Some Important Thought

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The Elemure of Emure- Ekiti, Oba Emmanuel Adebowale Adebayo, who additionally facilitated the YAF appointment in his castle in Emure- Ekiti, Ekiti State, cautioned Yoruba adolescents not to permit themselves to be utilized by lawmakers to incite inconvenience supposedly unsettling for Yoruba country.

As indicated by Oba Adebayo, ” No one ought to consider battling any conflict. Whoever needs to battle war ought to pull out the entirety of his kids in America and UK back home to battle. What number of our legislators’ kids are important for this load of difficulties? They ought to bring their own kids back home and make them the commanders of the forces, which they will not be prepared to do.

” How about we see what’ s going on in Afghanistan, and any remaining conflict torn nations of the world, intense circumstances. I was watching on TV how, is it Mozambique now, that they say hunger is taking over practically the entire of that country. What’ s more, the entire world would think everything is pointless in Africa. May God help us. In this way, I urge you to simply continue, don’ t be debilitate. ”

Other Powerful Kings In Yorubaland Says No To Successionists

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Additionally while inviting the YAF appointment to his royal residence in Abeokuta, Ogun State, the Olu of Moloku- Asipa, Igbore, Abeokuta, Oba Nureni Nasiru Adesina, said that the Alake and Paramount leader of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, had consistently demanded quiet conjunction all through his area and Nigeria on the loose.

Oba Adesina communicated resistance to acts that can bring about any danger to harmony in Yorubaland and Nigeria, cautioning that in case of any savagery or war, the frail and defenseless have consistently been the people in question and the most exceedingly terrible hit.

He encouraged guardians to caution their youngsters against being utilized by anybody as political hooligans.

The ruler added, ” I need to thank you for leaving on this excursion. Around three weeks prior, our market chiefs went to Alake’ s royal residence and I was there. The Alake disclosed to them we ought to ask there will not be battle in Nigeria. He said we don’ t need battle in this country. He said we should look for all way to guarantee serene settlement of whatever complaints individuals might have.

” Alake, nonetheless, urged every one of the customary rulers in Egbaland to guarantee and keep up with harmony in our separate spaces. He said we ought to endeavor to settle any contrasts between our kin agreeably and calmly.

” I need to prompt all Yoruba that we ought to deal with our chiefs and accept counsel. I don’ t need us to do battle. Our progenitors didn’ t actually battle battles thusly. Doing battle isn’ t the following thing for us in Yorubaland. On the off chance that we choose to do battle, it is generally blameless and powerless that will wind up being the losses. In any case, on the off chance that we stay away from war and be patient and calm, harmony will be additionally settled in.

” In any case, I’ ll encourage you to likewise contact our old conventional rulers to look for their recommendation because they also realize Yorubaland has a place with us all of us. We don’ t need war. In my area here, there is harmony. We hold standard gatherings here and stress that collaboration is vital.

” For us guardians, we as a whole should prompt and converse with our kids. We should tell them that there is no increase in permitting themselves to be utilized as political hooligans. Those government officials utilizing them as hooligans have their youngsters in schools in the US and UK where they are having fun. Along these lines, for what reason should we currently permit them to utilize our youngsters as hooligans. How about we converse with every one of our kids. I generally tell the young people here that I dislike anybody to use as hooligans, yet I’ m generally prepared to assist them with landing positions. This is the thing that I need all guardians to tell their youngsters, we ought to caution them so all that will go on flawlessly in the country. “



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