SUNDAY IGBOHO'S ARREST: Finally, Senior Lawyers React, See What They Said - Mc Ebisco SUNDAY IGBOHO'S ARREST: Finally, Senior Lawyers React, See What They Said - Mc Ebisco
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SUNDAY IGBOHO’S ARREST: Finally, Senior Lawyers React, See What They Said


Mr. Sunday Igboho, the self- styled Yoruba rights activist may be on a seeming exile, but he has committed no offense whatsoever, senior lawyers said.

The lawyers, who included top Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Chiefs and Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) revealed this over the weekend.

According to reports by The Nigerian Tribune, Sunday Igboho’ s activism for the realization of the Oodua Republic captured the attention of the international community

The agitator primarily sook for the protection of his people from the activities of Marauding killer herdsmen who frequently unleashed terror In the Southwestern region of Nigeria where Sunday Igboho hails from.

Earlier in July, The Nigerian Tribune reported that the Yoruba rights activist’ s home was raided by Nigeria security agents, two people lost their lives in the raid, and properties worth millions of naira were destroyed.

Mr. Igboho was declared wanted by the security services. This forced him and Ropo, his wife (who is a German citizen) to flee Nigeria to Cotonou en route to Germany where they were arrested by Interpol.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, following the arrest of the Yoruba rights activist last Monday and the failure to have him immediately repatriated, Sunday Igboho’ s case has witnessed a lot of complexities.

Mr. Yomi Alliyu (SAN) his legal counsel revealed the reason why the Yoruba rights activist and the arrowhead of the struggle for the Oodua Republic is still held up in a Cotonou prison.

According to the lawyer, the reason is that Interpol is looking for a flawless interpretation of the regional treaty on extradition. If they successfully find one, they will then decide whether or not to have Sunday Igboho handed over to Nigerian authorities.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria added that the Nigerian government, which looks forward to having Igboho extradited is expected to present strong and valid evidence of disobedience to law against the Yoruba rights activist. This, he explained would facilitate the moves to have Sunday Igboho extradited.

Mr. Yomi opined that even if the federal government of Nigeria finds any evidence of wrongdoing by Igboho, it most likely won’ t be strong enough to have him held back in prison.

Chief Ladi Rotimi- Williams (SAN) said he has yet to see any legal provision on which Igboho’ s alleged wrongdoing could be based to warrant him being extradited to Nigeria.

According to the oldest Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Benin Republic is famous for its decency, it, therefore, cannot be involved in illegal extradition.

According to The Nigerian Tribune, Mr. Kunle Ekun, National Welfare Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) said no offense could be ascribed to Sunday Igboho by the Cotonou court.

As expected, from all indications, Sunday Igboho seems to be on the verge of getting a safe landing.


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