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How Sunday Igboho’s Juju Will One Day Fail Him

Many people are beginning to condemn the activities of Sunday Igboho.

It is no longer strange news that the activist, Sunday, have eviction notice to other Nigerians to vacate Oyo and Ogun state.

He has also implemented some illegal orders in parts of these states, he also sets the houses of Nigerians ablaze in process of chasing them away.

Recall that, Sunday Igboho insulted a titled man, even though he later apologized.

These bad activities that are being carried out by the man have led a lot of Nigerians to express their heartfelt displeasure.

According to the people, Sunday has insulted the highest traditional throne in the southwestern part of the country, even the ancestors will not be in support of his actions.

A man identified as Lakan Adigun stated in his tweet that very soon, the “juju” which he is depending on will disappoint him, the Twitter user also said that very soon, Mr Igboho will realize that nobody is on his side anymore.

See the tweet below:


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