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“Sunday Is Not A Christian Day Of Worship”- Reno Omokri


Popular Nigerian human right activist and businessman has turned to his own Instagram profile to proof a point that many people might not know. Despite the fact that Reno Omokri is a Christian, he declared that Sunday is not the Christian day of worship.

He remarked that every day is a worship day but the day perpetually set aside for worship is ” Sabbath” which is also known as Saturday. Reno Omokri proved his position through scripture instances. He stated that Sunday worship came from Roman paganism not from the scripture.


Besides, Reno Omokri remarked that people should not believe him and they should not trust anyone else but they should read and trust the bible. He said that individuals are welcome to insult him considering what he said regarding Sunday worship.

He made it known to people that, when you wake early at night and can’ t go back to sleep, dont stress. God permitted you to wake for a reason.


Furthermore, the former presidential spokeswoman expressed it clearly that, there may be things coming in your future that demand lintervention. The setting is quiet. Don’ t waste the opportunity. Pray! You did not simply wake up. You woke up for a cause.

He closed his message by making it known to all the people that, Apple Inc can remotely wake your iPhone from California, no matter where you are on Earth know that God can remotely wake your spirit man from the Ancient Heavens no matter where you are in the Universe.


That is a fantastic one from the former presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri. Just like Jesus mentioned here, Pray so you don’ t fall prey.

He said: ” Sunday is not the Christian day of worship. Everyday is a worship day but the day perpetually set apart for formal worship is the ‘ Sabbath’ .


Sunday worship came from Roman paganism, not from the text. Don’ t believe me. Don’ t trust your pastor. Trust the scripture.


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