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TABOO! See The Nigerian Man Who Married Two Wives On The Same Day


I was flipping through The Sun newspapers when I came across this story, read it, and couldn’t believe my eyes. The more I read, the more I realized I needed to come present you this story because, believe me when I say, it’s crazy! People are very remarkable.

Let me move right into the story without further ado.

As you may or may not be aware, polygamy is still widely practiced in many African societies. Polygamy is practiced by a number of males in Igbide and Enwhe, both settlements in Delta State’s Isoko South Local Government Area.

What’s new is that a growing number of grooms are opting to perform numerous wedding rites on the same day! Mr. Othuko Uloho, who married two women earlier this year in April, expressed himself as follows:

You plan it when you want to do it. Because we are from the same village, you can go to the first one and make a reservation for the bride price to be taken from morning to noon. The other will run from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. You’re in charge of the reception the next day.

The question now is:


Why would someone want to do something like this?

Not only that, but marrying two women on the same day? So, this is the portion of the narrative that I’m most excited to present you.

Uloho’s Justification

Mr. Othuko Uloho stated that he did not do it because of his deep affection for the two women, nor because of the widespread idea that women now outnumber men. Mr. Uloho married two separate women on the same day for the following reasons:

My father married one woman, and I needed to marry two in order to exceed him. My father advised me to live above him when he was alive. He had one, but I needed two.

That is all there is to it. That is his justification. Because he wanted to outdo his father, he decided to marry two wives instead of one, as his father had done. Isn’t that fascinating? This is the first time I’ve ever heard such argument.

Reason of Akpove


Mr. Ekpe Akpove, who married two women in August, Kome and Maro, said he did it because he loved them. In 2008, he met Kome, and in 2010, he met Maro, each of whom gave him three children, giving him a father of six. In Igbide, Akpove is a trainee fish farmer. After more than ten years of dating and child-rearing, Akpove explained why he ultimately decided to marry both women:

I adore them both equally, which is why I have chosen to marry them. For me, they each have three children. So I had to do the proper thing and pay their bride price so that I could legally marry them.

At the very least, it’s encouraging to see Akpove take responsibility and treat these women with respect. Three children without a ring on their finger or a document of protection – people are so different, and I’m not sure how I can urge anyone to do that. I’m glad Akpove did the right thing now, because if he had died and left these ladies with these six children, they would have faced a far more difficult battle.

My head is still spinning at the thought of someone marrying two ladies only to outshine their father. I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on it – does it make sense to you? Is that something you could do as well? Do you believe you could get into a polygamous marriage now that you know some people in Nigeria perform marriage rites for numerous brides? Why do you think that is? I’d want to hear any and all of your ideas on this. Please leave a remark on my Facebook post; I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.



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