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Take A Good Look At The Decent And Beautiful Wedding Gown Williams Uchemba’s Wife Wore Yesterday.


We will be taking a good at the beautiful, but a very decent wedding gown which Williams Uchemba’s wife wore to their wedding event yesterday. Even when she is well educated, well exposed, lives in one of the best countries of the world (USA), and equally a rich woman for that matter, she refused to trade her decency on the alter of the above mentioned worldly achievements.

It is no longer a news that rich, flamboyant and philanthropic Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba got married to his soulmate, Brunella Oscar yesterday November 21, 2020 in one of the most lavished and beautiful style. The wedding which held in Lagos State at the Dominion City Headquarters was attended by a bag full of personalities across all walks of life.

Well, aside the notable names and faces that graced the occasion, what caught major attention is the decent beautiful gown Brunella Oscar wore for her special day. She has been commended by many for the decency she applied for her wedding outfit, regardless of her social and wealthy status.

Yes, many people in position, especially when it will be a celebrity wedding, will come up with a style of wedding gown that promotes nudity and indecent dressing, just to be counted among the classic “babes”. But for Brunella Oscar, she refused to throw away her decency and good upbringing just to please the taste of the already morally depraved society.

Aside any sentiments, she truly represented what a good and Godly wife should look like, at least if not for anything, as she and her husband, Williams took their union to the presence of God for divine endorsement, hence attaining the status of a “holy union”. Even God himself must sure be so pleased with her and her union, for respecting him in the presence of a world who doesn’t care about his teachings that much, a world that people are more interested in pleasing humanity against their creator.

Call her old fashioned, call her whatever names you wish, just because she decided to set a Godly and morally inclined standard, all that doesn’t change the fact that she had one of the best wedding ceremonies any woman could ever dreamt of.

May God continue to bless her new home, Amen!

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