"We Have Taken Our Cry To God"- Pastor Says As Man Allegedly Killed By Police Is Laid To Rest - Mc Ebisco "We Have Taken Our Cry To God"- Pastor Says As Man Allegedly Killed By Police Is Laid To Rest - Mc Ebisco
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“We Have Taken Our Cry To God”- Pastor Says As Man Allegedly Killed By Police Is Laid To Rest

Few days ago the story of a 33 years old Man Identified as Dauda Danladi went viral, he was reportedly arrested and also tortured to death by a team of security agents. Dauda was right in front of his shop in Bauchi State when he got arrested.

The Police made a statement regarding the case through Ahmed Wakil who is the public relations officer, they claimed that the Police Patrol team went to arrest some suspects in that area, that was the moment they saw Dauda on the floor breathing heavily and gasping for air. They suspected that he was having an asthma attack, so they rushed him to the hospital where he was announced dead

Today the remains of the late Dauda have been laid to rest and the ceremony was filled with tears. The funeral took place at the Evangelical Church Winning All, the final interment was then conducted at the Yelwa Christian Cemetery. Alot of people attended the funeral of the young Man to witness the sad ceremony, even the associate Pastor attended the ceremony to officiate.

The Associate Pastor who is Identified as Reverend Ahmed Rabo told the youths and the family members of the deceased to take heart and to allow God be the judge. He begged the youths not to take laws into their own hands, that they should be calm in handling this issue.

The Reverend Father then sais that Dauda did not die because of any illness, neither did he die in an accident but they are aware of the cause of his death. Dauda was arrested right in front of his own shop, he was then tortured until he died.

The Reverend Father further said that “We have taken out cry to God and God is the Judge”. He said that the people should know that God is ready to judge the case, he is not a God of injustice and he will definitely give the right judgement.

The Reverend further begged the youths not to take any action that will complicate issues for them because the case is in court. He believes that with the help of the youths and the Grace of God justice will be served for the deceased.

Recall that the late Dauda recently got married, he was not able to enjoy his marriage to the fullest before he was snatched from the face of the Earth. He will definitely be missed by his family and also those that were closed to him while he was alive.


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