Tania Omotayo Threatens To Expose A Customer Who Paid With Fake Alert After Buying Goods From Her Store


Tania Omotayo has threatened to expose a woman who bought goods from her store and sent fake alert to make them think she has paid.

The businesswoman said the lady bought goods worth 59,000 Naira but the bank later confirmed the alert was fake.

She revealed that CCTV captured the woman’s face and threatened to post the video in a few hours if the woman doesn’t reach out to pay what she owes.

Recall that Tania Omotayo’s husband, Olasunmbo Olawale Winfunke, popularly known as, Sumbo and his best friend, Boniface Odenigbo Amandianeze, popularly known as, Armani4real, have been released on bail.

They were granted bail by the EFCC through the help and connection of Rotimi Ajanaku and Honourable Shina Peller. A source told Kossyderrickent that the two have been asked to stay low-key following their release on bail.

“Sumbo and his bestie Armani 4real have been released on bail of $1M. They were released through the connection of their mentors; Rotimi Ajanaku and Shina Peller,” a source revealed.

According to Gistlovers, the two guys scammed US agencies of $35M with their fellow international fraudsters (Yahoo Yahoo boys). Sumbo and Armani4real got exposed by one of their Internet scamming business partners based in the US.

The partner gave their details to FBI, who later sent their details to EFCC to arrest and extradite them to the US for trial.

According to information, Sumbo and Armani4real, have been besties right from their days in London.

They returned to Nigeria and opened a nightclub, known as, Buzzbar nightclub. T

hey also bought houses in the same estate in Lekki, known as, Oniru estate. Despite owning a nightclub, they continued with their scamming and hacking business.

On Tuesday this week, EFCC stormed their estate with powerful cars and tools. Surprisingly, Sumbo and Armani4real cooperated as they allowed EFCC officials arrest them without resisting.

“They have been fingered in a $35 million dollar fraud in the USA and it’s one of their 419 partners in the US that gave them up to FBI. Unknown to both of them they have been under the radar of EFCC for a while as their lavish lifestyle on Instagram and snap chat are exhibits against them.

“They work hand in hand with other international 419 syndicate to defraud US government agencies and spend the monies on their Instagram lifestyle. That Armani4real is one of the biggest spenders on clothes amongst Lekki 419 big boys.He has all types of exotic designers, wrist watches and jewelry. Before EFCC arrived their house, efcc team of tough looking squad took over the entire Oniru estate and mounted their cars at very strategic positions so they couldn’t escape. About 3 dozens of efcc officials made it to their houses at the same time as they live side by side each other in Oniru estate, very close to the Oba’s palace. EfCC came with their door breaking equipments should in case they resist arrest, but surprisingly they cooperated.

“Armani and his bestie Sumbo who is married to Instagram big girl TaniaOmotayo have been very close from their days in London and they both relocated back to Lagos together to open Buzzbar nightclub very close to Quilox nightclub, that of their mentor and egbon Shina Pellar. They both live in the same street on Oniru. EFCC emptied their house o, they seized all their luxury cars and drove them away. So many of their neighbors were peeping from their windows.

“They since Tuesday afternoon when they were taken away, they have not been released. If they are not extradited to the US to face trial, it will take grace of God to come out of the mess, Sumbo’s wife,TaniaOmotayo has been calling all the big shots she knows for assistance because since she married Sumbo and started buying Gucci and Louis Vuitton anyhow she no longer relates easily with many people, except you are in her balling league, It’s a tricking one for Shina Pellar cos he has to help them out, however should he stick his nose in, EFCC might drag him in too, he is their mentor.”

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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