Teenager Who Accused Ogun Commissioner Of Harassment Wants The Matter Laid To Rest.

Moments ago, there was viral news of a teenager who laid claim of how a commissioner allegedly harassed her inside his apartment. The news is all over the media as it has gained mixed reactions from Nigerians. The 16 year old teen named Barakat that earlier accused Ogun state commissioner for environment, of sexual assault begs Nigerians to allow the matter to rest.

According to reports from earlier video she made, she laid claim that the commissioner entice her with money and caressed her against her consent. Speaking from reports reaching the media, she recorded another video. Wherein she was seen saying that there’s a misconception and misunderstanding between her and the commissioner. That she is pleading with Nigerians to allow the matter to rest.

Nigerians, this teenager earlier came up with the accusations. Everyone demands for her Justice and for the matter to be investigated. Now she wants the matter to rest. What do you have to say over this issue ?

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