Tell Her This, To Make Her Think Of You Deeply

Hello, you clicked on this article because you want a beautiful girl somewhere to think about you, right?

Well, we are going to let you know the one line that you can always tell her to get her thinking about you, right from the word Go.

A good relationship is always made of thoughts about mates. Like, there can never be a relationship if you two do not think about each other.

You must think about her as she thinks about you. Again, it can never be a relationship if it is only you who thinks about her as she sits back and think of some other things.


Know, the rule of attraction works better when the two of you has a feeling for each other, like, you can sit down and think about the other person.

In most cases, you will realize that, you as the guy, you spend much tim thinking about a woman who does not even recognize you.

This will only risk you into wasting your own time with no one to blame. In that case, many have come to us to ask, how to make a girl think of you.

And after doing this research, we came up with this one line, that if you tell a woman, she will think about you and in return, love you even deeply.

Tell her this, “You are not the type of girl i thought you were”. This you can tell her either on phone or by mouth.

It is something that will leave her confused, she won’t know whether you are in love with her or not.

She will keep on thinking about it, that is, if you don’t give her the answer to her question that will come right after you tell her that.

She will be like, “why?, How?, What? Who?” And other incomplete questions that will keep the ball rolling in her mind.

To make the skill work better, it is good to leave her hanging. Do not answer her questions. Let it disturb her.

The more it disturbs her, the more you stay in her mind and the more she develops a feeling for you. That is how you make a girl think about you, just simple.

And just to let you, we have nothing much to say, we are still working on more articles which we are releasing just as soon as we are done.

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