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After Telling Kanu And Igboho That North Is Not Afraid Of Division, Read What Garba Just Said

At this point in time that Nigeria is battling to contain insurgency and insurrections, some parts of the country is boiling up with different people from the South East and Western parts of the country, agitating for separation from Nigeria.

A few days ago, Sunday Ademoye popularly known as Sunday Igboho had in a statement said that enough is enough to the excesses of killer Fulani herdsmen in the South West. He said this after he allegedly said that the South West is no longer part of Nigeria. However, he warned that the region would no longer accommodate northerners.

Speaking further, he said that he and other patriots in the South West were going to open all the borders closed by the Nigerian government so that stuffs could start coming in to the region.

The self acclaimed Yoruba activist had been on the headline for the past few weeks now following his eviction notice to herdsmen in the South West. He has been meeting with various stakeholders in the region and have recently declared Oduduwa nation.

Meanwhile, his counterpart in the East, Nnamdi Kanu has been on the same issue as what is happening in the South West. He had declared himself leader of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB). He was arrested by the Nigerian government following his agitation for Biafra and was later released on bail. Since then, he fled the country and has been in an unknown location for the past few years, still promoting his ideas and ambition for Biafra.

It may interest you to know that the Nigerian government had since proscribed IPOB, ban them all activities in that regard.

In the latest development, a Northerner and former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has taken it to his Twitter account to tell Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho that not even one person in the North is afraid of division as they continue to agitate for.

He made them to understand that the North is more reasonable and pragmatic in what they believe would be beneficial to all citizens. According to him “the only thing is, the North is been reasonable and pragmatic in what can work.”

Speaking further, he warned that it would be counterproductive to venture into futile activities which they think would cause the of division of Nigeria.

After making this tweet, he came back again to say, those who agitated for division of the country are not thinking in the right direction. He asked that they channel their grievances to their representatives at all level of federal government and National Assembly as well as the Judiciary.

He further added that “if they truly want a division, they can get their reps to sponsor motions for division.” He said they should make use of appropriate channels than come out on social media to rant every time which he said is a joke.

On a final note, Adam was quoted saying “None of their leaders would risk losing their politic relevance, hence they’re silent.

They’re leveraging on motor park touts to push for a division of a United Nation authorized sovereign.

Very convenient joke!

I congratulate their supporters for their industrial imagination.”
See screenshots of his tweets below for reference purposes.

What’s your take on this development? Do you think he made a valid point, or it’s one of those things we hear and see? Let’s hear from you soon.

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