TENSION IN IMO AGAIN As Unidentified Gunmen Storm Police Station; Kill ASP, Injure DPO, Burn 2 Vehicles


Unknown gunmen have again struck in Imo State, this time storming a police division in the community of Arondizuogu in Ideato North Local Government Area. The gunmen were understood to have attacked the station’ s Divisional Police Officer, leaving injuries from a cutlass on his head.

The attackers also reportedly murdered an Assistant Superintendent of Police during the assault, setting the station on fire while also vandalizing a patrol vehicle and a Lexus SUV belonging to the DPO.

The gunmen had also shot dead a soldier in an attack on some military officials in Oru LGA, in the community of Awo Mmamma. This led to a reprisal attack from the soldiers, who went on a rampage destroying some residences and other valuable property in the community.

The extreme violence perpetrated by the gunmen has since gone viral online, drawing condemnation from people who read the story. See some thoughts on the matter below:

@JosephUchendu: Soldiers are to go after the criminals and to maintain calm in the community, not burning down innocent people’ s properties. What is the work of the soldiers in Liberia? is it not to keep the peace, why are now killing the citizens of Nigeria?

@highlandre1: Wild, wild East! Let’ s be reminded that two wrongs cannot make a right. The victims are usually innocent. That’ s my own biggest worry. May peace reign again in the East!

@jayhima04: It would be unfair to say ” Good” but police officers are turning something else. Wielding their guns and extorting citizens like others are second class citizens in our own country. No pity from this side for the police though.

@TochukwuObasi1: This should stop. Stop these killings. No one dies and comes back. There should be a dialogue between these people, the East is fast turning to a war zone. Those things burnt down are the sweat of someone. It could be me or you. Let us make peace.

@WhiteAmadasun: Further plots of state actors disguising as unknown gunmen to justify the ongoing genocidal activities of the discredited Nigeria military and security agencies in the South- East Region of Nigeria, particularly in Imo State currently.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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