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TENSION In Nnamdi Kanu’s Camp As IPOB Sends Emotional Message To President Buhari, SEE The Message


The Nigerian army has commenced an operation in the southeast region due to the insecurity in the zone.

At the same time, police IGP has appointed a new commissioner of police for the Anambra state ahead of Anambra gubernatorial election.

The joint effort of the army and Nigerian police is to provide a better environment for the people of the southeast zone.


Due to the recent programs and appointments made by the police and the Nigerian Army, IPOB has urged the Nigerian government to send the Nigerian army to the north due to the insecurity in the region.

The spokesman of IPOB stated that there is no need for any operation in the southeast since there are no terrorists in the zone.

However, Emma Powerful stated theat a lot of cases are being reported due to the unchecked activities of Boko Haram and bandits in many Northen states.


Rather than send the Nigerian army and police to the south for an unknown purpose, Emma Powerful urged the president to command the army to redirect their operations to the north.

According to Sahara Reporters, Emma Powerful said ” It is very unfortunate that the region that is always being troubled by the activities of Boko Haram and bandits have been abandoned and the Nigerian army has shifted their attention to a peaceful region. ”

” It is now very clear to the people that the army and the Nigerian government have made plans to carry out another attack on the people of the southeast zone. ”

” This is a plan by the army to continue killing the Igbo people just because they spoke against the Nigerian government. ”


” The Nigerian army has made plans to hurt and commit genocide just because we want our own country and independence. Don’ t kill IPOB members, those who deserve to die are the terrorist in the north. ”

” Why would the Nigerian government organize a military program in the south- east even while the north is filled with terrorists and bandits who have been killing people almost every day. ”

” The Fulani Herdsmen and bandits have terrorized the north for many years but the army has not done anything to stop them but the south seems to be their problem. ”


” When it is time for development and progress, the southeast is always being ignored and abandoned but when it is time for violence, killing, and destruction, we are remembered. ”

” The army should be ashamed of themselves. They are unable to do anything to their people who have been killed by the bandits and Boko Haram but the IPOB seems to be their problem. ”


” There are many things which the southeast leaders should be concerned about. The interest of their people should be their main goal but, sadly, they are only concerned about the 2023 election. “


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