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TENSION, TEARS As Unknown Hoodlums Break Into Home Of School Principal, Stab Him To Death


Mr. Babagana Ahmed (deceased).

Unknown assailants reportedly stormed the home of a school principal in Borno, Mr. Babagana Ahmed, and murdered him at his residence in the state capital, Maiduguri.


Asheik Jarma Mega Primary School.

Before Ahmed’ s demise, he had been teaching at the Asheik Jarma Mega Primary School, where he had tried to make some reforms in the last few weeks of his life.

It was learned that Mr. Ahmed had, as part of his reforms, also disengaged the security operatives (Joint Task Force), who had been proving security at the school.


File Photo: Civilian JTF operatives.

The reason was that there had been recurring cases of stealing property belonging to the school, which would later be sold off. Mr. Ahmed had held a meeting with the school staff to ascertain the way forward from the matter.

They eventually decided to disband the security operatives. New security men, of Fulani extraction, were hired to take over from them, but they didn’ t take kindly to the school’ s decision.


According to a member of the late Ahmed’ s family, Ahmed had been visited twice by the hoodlums who attacked him. They had warned him to leave them alone or they would murder him.

They also repeated the warning to his wife when he was not at home. The matter was eventually reported to the police. But nothing they did could prevent the hoodlums from carrying out their evil act when they invaded his house at night.


It was learned that they had arrived on a motorbike, after which they broke in when the family was sound asleep.

Neighbors were soon woken up by loud cries, from the house; when people came out to investigate, they found the principal, Ahmed, lying in a pool of blood. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.


To make matters worse, his wife, a mother of four children, had recently given birth to a baby boy one month earlier. He has since been buried.

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