Terribly Disturbing! ! ! Police Officer Shoot Banker For Lamenting Car Damage In Lagos (See Details)


A branch manager of Wema bank who was identified as Bamidele Ajala, 39- year- old, has been reportedly shot in the hand by a trigger- happy police officer when he was lamenting the damages done to his car by another driver in Lagos state.

According to Punch Metro, the trigger- happy officer shot the 39- year- old man in the hand while they were fleeing with an unidentified LT commercial bus driver who damaged his car.

Photo of the victim’ s car.

Punch Metro reported that the driver rammed into Ajala’ s car around Oshodi, inside the airport road last Tuesday.

After the crashed, the driver of the bus said he lost control of the bus when some area boys who works with the task force officials dragged the steering with him to forced stop him.

The driver rammed into the man’ s Honda car in the process and damaged one of its back doors.


The victim lamented that he wanted to take the driver to the police station to report the case but the task force officials did not allow him.

The victim said, ” The driver said the area boys usually worked with the task force officials to track down drivers and that it was when they were dragging his steering with him and pepper- sprayed his face that he rammed into my car. ”

He maintained that he told them that somebody has to be responsible for the damage done to his car because it was serious, stating that the area boys were in mufti and he held the driver because the damage done to his car was severe.


He maintained further that he reported the issue to the task force officials who asked him why he was holding the driver’ s trouser and they said they would handle the case, noting that they called the area boys to drive the bus and the driver away.

He said he realized that they were trying to escape with the man and he quickly got inside his car and catch up with them. He noted that when he asked one of the task force officials where they were taking the driver to, one of the task force officials shot him in the hand and shot his car’ s tire to stop him from chasing them.

The victim who demanded justice on the case said the officials protected the bus driver to prevent him from making a statement that will incriminate them at the police station.


He said, ” I said the driver needed to fix my car, but one of the task force officials slapped my face; my mouth peeled and I started bleeding. The task force official also went toward my car and used his AK- 47 to shoot the two tyres on the passenger’ s side. ”

” At this point, a mob had gathered and in a bid to disperse them, he started shooting and one of the bullets hit my upper left hand. He did all these to prevent me from double- crossing them as I did when they were escaping with the driver and the bus. ”


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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