The Boyfriend I Used Love Portion On To keep him Doesn’t Want To leave Me Alone, I Need Help

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I had a boyfriend with whom I used love portion in order for me to control and to keep him grounded. Things changed when I cheated and broke up with him. It has been two years since we broke up but he still follows me. He threatened to kill me. I reported the matter to the police thinking that the threats and insults would stop but he wasn’t shaken. I’m scared for my life and I sleep with one eye open. Please help.

here is my advice below

I think you should call him and act like you are in love make him vomit it then let him go or else you will have to love him forever because that was your intention, for him to love you and only you forever, I hate the fact that men do all these hurtful things to women and we lose our minds most of the times, women always forgive and forget, but to be honest, using a love portion on him was very wrong and no one should actually experience that kind of witchcraft.

This is what someone I Interviewed had to say about the whole story

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”You are so selfish in a way ,you used love portion on him then you cheat! What outcomes were you expecting? Then you will be crying “justice for who and who” it’s hard being a guy because they have no one who will talk on their behalf of every guy in this world, you must face the consequences of your actions.”

Ladies, if a person has decided to break up with you, please do not lure him with love portions because at the end of the day, you both broke up for a reason, if someone does not love you anymore, stop forcing thing, it does not matter how many years you have been together with him, let go and let your God handle all your problems, take good care of yourselves ladies.


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