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The day I CAUGHT my handsome husband and sister having sex on our lounge floor. This gave me a heart attack!

“I thought we were so strong together, now I am utterly lost,” these are the exact words
a dejected wife using a moniker of Hann used to post on a popular relationship site. It
continued like this:
“We have been together for two years and have twin boys aged four. My husband
He is 26, I am 23 has been a tough year. That afternoon I had been out fund-raising for
our local children’s hospice as my niece — my sister’s daughter — died from cancer
late last year.
She was nine and my sister, who is 30, is still not coping at all well and her husband has
sort of disappeared since then.
My husband and I have been her main support and I was so proud of him as it’s not
been easy with our two boys being pretty demanding too.
That day, I realised I had forgotten my mobile phone so quickly popped home after an
hour to pick it up and there they were naked middle in the act.
I heard a female voice say, “Leta kabisa ukisonga ndio tumalize haraka tunaweza patwa
na wife”.

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I ran out of the house, collected the boys from my friend where they were playing with
her little boy, and drove to my mum’s house. My husband came after me but I refused to
speak to him.
He keeps apologising, saying he loves me, that sex with my sister meant nothing and
he has no idea how he let it happen.
Apparently she had come round in tears again, he gave her a cuddle and one thing led
to another. My sister too is in pieces saying it will never happen again.
I believe they are sorry for hurting me but I still cannot even look him in the face let
alone sleep with him as he wants us to.
He thinks making love will put things right but I am completely broken and disgusted. My
friends have tried to assist me cope up but I am not ready to forgive and move on.
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