PRAY FOR HIM! Popular Actor, Clem Ohameze Begs For Prayers As He Is Set To Undergo A Surgery


Sometime ago, a popular and talented Nollywood actor, Clem Ohameze was said to have been involved in a car accident, he suffered a serious injury in the process.

The actor said that he’ s been dealing with a health problem ever since then and that he’ ll be having a surgery to fix it soon. As he described how the treatment would be carried out, the veteran film star expressed his fear.

It is important that you show your support. Clem is pleading for prayers as he prepares to undergo surgery. According to him, after the accident occurred, on getting to the hospital it was discovered that his lower limb, however, was found to be impaired.

An x- ray also revealed that his cervical vertebrae 3 had collapsed on 4 and was putting pressure on his spinal cord, which was causing lower limb retardation. Clem Ohameze, an actor, discussed variety of his health problems.

He claims that he was treated for a while and that he recovered. After a while, the actor reported that he began to have trouble walking. Another scan revealed that the actor will require surgery to split the cervical vertebrae three and four, releasing the cord and restoring back function.

He stated;

” After they showed me the procedure and how it’ s being done, I was scared. I was told that they are going to cut open the neck and physically separate the cervical vertebrae three from four and then use an iron plate to plate it with some screws, so it can remain permanent. It was scary but I have no choice. ”

The veteran Nollywood actor has requested prayers as he prepares for vital surgery to repair his cervical vertebrae and regain control of his limbs.

Clem Ohameze stated the sickness has been the main cause of his absence from the Nollywood scene for a while, due to his restriction in movement in a brief video released online.

He admitted that the surgery is frightening, but that he must go through with it if he is to regain full mobility.

” As I go in for this procedural surgery, I really need people’ s thoughts and prayers, ” Clem remarked.


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