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The Fiercest Fish In The World Eats Half Of Its Body, Leaving Its Natural Enemy No Meat To Eat

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Speaking of Africa, many people will think of drought, high temperature and lack of water resources. Indeed, in the current African continent, water is a very scarce resource. It is very difficult to see aquatic organisms under the condition of shortage of fresh water. However, there is a kind of fish in Africa that can survive for more than 6 months even in Africa where the living environment is so harsh. What kind of fish is this?

Lungfish in Africa, generally distributed in the primitive forest, as we all know, the average fish are breathing with gills, lungfish can not only use lung breath, but also can use the gills breathing, lungfish gills than we normally see twice as big as ordinary fish gills, there are two kinds of respiratory system, in order to adapt to the tropical climate of Africa, the river dried up, they would like a loach into “hibernation” in the soil, open a small mouth breathing into the state of suspended animation, spent six months or so in soil dry season, the rainy season comes, they will be active again.

Lungfish is also known as “the world’s most ferocious fish”, but they are hard to oneself, experts anatomical lungfish found that they may eat their half of the body, it is understood that they eat is metabolic part of themselves, their crocodile large creatures, such as natural enemies to see by yourself after the “eating” lungfish, despise them.

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In 2017, a lungfish that survived for more than 90 years died in an aquarium in Chicago. This is a “living fossil”. In the decades since it came to the aquarium, more than 100 million people have entered the aquarium, many of whom came here for fame.

Nature is always cruel, but also have a loving heart, lungfish in such a harsh environment to survive, nature also gave them the ability to survive, everything in the world, how lucky, what do you think?

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