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The Natural Way Of Getting Rid Of Joint Pain With Out Side Effects.

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Arthritis, Joint Pain, and Rheumatism are formed in the body as a result of degenerative changes that generally develop in the second phase of life and are also part of the aging process. However, as a result of today’s nutritional deficiency and way of life, the onset of these changes is being shifted towards younger age. Arthritis may manifest in different forms, but regardless of the type, Arthritis is a chronic illness and can remain in the body for life if proper care is not taken. For many, it is an inevitable part of aging. Most people start suffering from some Arthritis symptoms around the age of 50. Mostly, the degenerative changes observed can usually start manifesting themselves through intermittent pain around the joints. This is followed by swelling, joint stiffness, redness, inflammations, permanent joint and muscle pain. These are often followed by secondary symptoms, such as insomnia, chronic fatigue, crapping and depression. The changes in weather generally cause worsening of some of these symptoms. The Abnormal Effects Of Drugs On Arthritis Medicinal Treatment of Arthritis is usually tailored to each patient, depending on his on his condition, with the patient usually becoming dependant on the Arthritis drugs for life. The most commonly prescribed are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). NSAIDs are medications which, in addition to having pain relieving (Analgestic) effects, have the effect of reducing inflammation when used over a period of time. However, they also cause a multitude of adverse side effects, such as digestion problems, internal bleedings, fatigue, confusion and depression and toxicity of liver and kidneys. These adverse side effects are sometimes so severe that they outweigh the benefits. VIOXX, the most popular Arthritis drug since 1999, was taken off the market after it has been proven that, in addition to the above-mentioned side effects, it also increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. What is known for sure is that none of these drugs cures Arthritis, and neither slows down its progression. This mean that none of these drugs treat the cause of the illness, only the symptomsTherefore, Are You Suffering From Arthritis, Body And Back Pain And You Are Not Doing Anything About It?

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