The North Has A Legal Basis To Retain Power In 2023, According To A Youth Group.
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The North has a legal basis to retain power in 2023, according to a youth group.


The North has a legal basis to retain power in 2023, according to a youth group.

As calls for the presidency to be zoned to the south grow, the Nigerian Youths Alliance insists the North has legitimate rights to retain power in 2023.

Several socio-cultural groups, primarily from the south, have stated that it would be morally unjust for a northerner to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 after eight years of a northern president, and political parties have been urged to zone their presidential slot to the south over this.

But, speaking to journalists in Kano on Friday, Musa Muhammad Bauchi, National Leader of the Nigerian Youth Alliance, said the North should not be blackmailed into giving up its legitimate right to participate in a participatory democracy.

“A cursory look at the occupiers of the highest seat of the land between 1999 and date simply exposed a statistics highly unfavourable to the region (North) despite its numerical strength,” he says.

Bauchi, whose group backed Jigawa state governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar for President Buhari’s successor, said Badaru’s track record in Jigawa was a convincing bet that he is the right man for the job.

He emphasised the importance of focusing on competence rather than the next president’s geopolitical location, saying Badaru has demonstrated his capability in every position he has held.

The Youths leader stated that Badaru is making Jigawa the number one producer of sesame in Nigeria, as well as the top producer of rice and hibiscus in Nigeria, through cluster farming, emphasising that this is a blueprint for diversifying the economy’s reliance on oil.

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